global cloud resource manager and layer 7 load balancer

With Frfra, you can join your servers as nodes to a global clustering resource manager, then we manage your resources and load balance your services over the internet while your current solution, no matter what, will be intact. This way, at any given time, only the most SUITABLE servers will be responded to clients so you can offer more relible and fast services to your customers

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Unique features of frfra

Loadbalancing Parameters

Not only we let you to choose different parameters such as Cpu load, Memory Load, Network load and Service types to load balance traffics to your servers, but also using our service, you can load balance based on Location of your users relative to your servers and the Time of request! We also detect your dead servers and services

Loadbalancing levels

We load balance both at the DNS layer and specified protocols such as HTTP(WEB, HLS, HDS, SOAP, REST), HTTPS, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, RTMPTE, RTMPS (RTMP OVER SSL), RTSP, RTSPS (RTSP OVER SSL) continuous presence. This makes our solution be cross platform and works for every devices. Protocol level load balancing has other great advantages like precies location detection

Rich Configuration

Every Single feature is configurable. You can select witch services should be monitored or if you prefer a close by server to be picked for serving a request although it is a little bit busier (loaded cpu or memory ...) than a distant server. You also can configure load factors, resolve hints, encryption, prefered locations for a server and ...

Plan what you need

There are almost two types of plans, a free plan and the other time based plans. We offer some limited static features for free users such as static load balancing and also a cloud based rich DNS management system. For the other plans, you decide what resources you need. You don't have to choose amoung some predefined plans.

Cloud Dns Management System

We also offer a free cloud based DNS management system with a zero down time. It supports A, AAAA, CNAME, DNAME, NS, SOA, MX, TXT, PTR, SRV and NAPTR Records. We also support wildcard names except for the DNAME record. Because we are doing a load balancing job, the good news is, we solved the problem of CNAME record for root domain. As you know, for a domain like, one can not create a CNAME record for and only subdomains are allowed to be CNAME. Using our DNS manager, you can CNAME root domains to whatever domains you'd like.

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